Options to configure the SDK.

interface ISDKOptions {
    audioContext?: AudioContext;
    disableIntervalHack?: boolean;
    keyValueDatabaseConnector?: KeyValueDatabaseConnectorConstructor;
    loggingConnectors?: ILoggingConnector[];
    maxBpp?: number;
    maxConnections?: number;
    maxDistance?: number;
    maxFps?: number;
    maxOutgoingSubscriptions?: number;
    minConnections?: number;
    objectStoreConnector?: ObjectStoreConnectorConstructor;
    peerConnectionConnector?: PeerConnectionConnectorConstructor;


audioContext?: AudioContext

The audio context to use for audio processing.

disableIntervalHack?: boolean

The flag to disable the interval hack that ensures the intervals run at the correct time.

keyValueDatabaseConnector?: KeyValueDatabaseConnectorConstructor

The custom key-value database connector to use for storing key-value pairs. If not provided, the default key-value database connector is IndexedDB.

loggingConnectors?: ILoggingConnector[]

The custom logging connector to use for logging events.

maxBpp?: number

The maximum bits per pixel to use for video.

maxConnections?: number

The maximum number of connections a node can have.

maxDistance?: number

The maximum distance allowed between two nodes in the network.

maxFps?: number

The maximum frame rate to use for video.

maxOutgoingSubscriptions?: number

The maximum number of outgoing subscriptions.

minConnections?: number

The minimum number of initial connections.

objectStoreConnector?: ObjectStoreConnectorConstructor

The custom object store connector to use for storing objects. If not provided, the default object store connector is OPFS.

peerConnectionConnector?: PeerConnectionConnectorConstructor

The custom peer connection connector to use for creating peer connections. If not provided, the default peer connection connector is WebRTC in browser.

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