The remote media stream interface.

interface IRemoteMediaStream {
    getAvailableTrackKinds(): MediaTrackKind[];
    getLabel(): string;
    getMediaStream(): MediaStream;
    getOwnerId(): string;
    onProviderChange(callback): Unsubscribe;
    subscribe(params?): void;
    unsubscribe(trackKinds?): void;
    update(params): void;

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  • Get the label of the stream.

    Returns string

    The label of the stream.

  • Get the owner ID of the stream.

    Returns string

    The owner ID of the stream.

  • Subscribe to when the provider of the stream changes.


    • callback: ((providerId) => void)

      The callback to invoke when the provider changes.

        • (providerId): void
        • Parameters

          • providerId: undefined | string

          Returns void

    Returns Unsubscribe

  • Unsubscribe from track kinds of the stream. Passing no track kinds will unsubscribe from all subscribed track kinds.


    Returns void

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